Why use a collection agency?

Many debtors will often pay a collection agency even though they have never cooperated with the original credit. They realize you are serious, they don’t want a damaged credit rating, or they worry about the possibility of going to court. A collection agency often has resoures and tools at its’ disposal that the original creditor does not have. Plus, collection agencies do not spend time juggling current accounts with past due accounts. They can concentrate on collecting your bad accounts receivable.

How long will it take for you to collect my money?

The short answer is, it depends.  Many accounts are simply uncollectible, as the debtor may skip out on purpose, file a bankruptcy, pass away, or just refuse to pay. The age of the debt can play a role in how long it takes to collect as well.  If the debt is old and/or the debtor requires backup paperwork it can delay collection efforts. 

If I decide to use your service, how do we get started?

Call us at (865) 523-7183 or at our toll free number (855) 644-0301
You can also email us at reports12@reportsinc.om

We will then discuss our rates, procedures, and any additional questions you may have. We will also let you know what information is needed on the debtor in order for us to collect.   We can accept new account information via your preferred communication method; secure email, USPS, fax, and of course you are welcome to hand deliver any information as we are local to Knoxville. 

General information needed about your company

Your Company Name
List a contact person in your office
A clear explaination of what your company does

What debts can be place for collection?

 Valid debts incurred by your business that you can substantiate. We do mostly medical collection work. On Small accounts (Under $25) we will not spend a lot of time on phone calls and letters if we do not receive payment fairly quickly.