Fees based on results – No collection, No fee!

  • Collection services provided with socially responsible collection techniques and payment plans with professional and effective patient contact
  • Thorough and systematic account follow up
  • Credit Reporting
  • Skip Tracing
  • Automated Dialer
  • Secure electronic or manual account placements accepted
  • Detailed remittance reports of payments are provided monthly or more often if requested
  • Client analysis and statistical reports available
  • Charity policy screening and documentation available
  • Tracking for Medicare bad debt recoveries

For over 58 years Reports, Inc. has specialized in providing the medical field with quality service specializing in medical collection of delinquent accounts. Much attention is given to maintaining compliance in this highly regular and constantly changing collection industry. Reports, Inc. trained staff can provide a cost-effective solution to collect your delinquent accounts so that your staff can focus on your remaining receivables. Reports, Inc. is very client focused and places high priority to protect your name and reputation while increasing revenue. With results and without complaints we realize that we are collecting from your past and possblly future patients, people whom you know. Your delinquent payers will have the ability to make payments by phone, electronically or by mail. By allowing Reports,Inc. to manage and collect your self-pay accounts your staff can concentrate on other areas to increase overall revenue.